About EVE

Emerging Ventures in Education- EVE is not just an educational service business, it is a movement. We are partnering with like-minded individuals around the globe to change the paradigm of education by breaking down the walls of the classroom and taking the lessons to the world. Robin Theiss, founder of EVE, is a 20 year veteran Waldorf teacher and international speaker. She is passionate about working with youth and empowering their internal wisdom and strength. 

Through the EMERGING process, we support you in:

Choosing the right education

Finding opportunities that lead to success

Getting focused in a distracting world

Providing space for gratitude and empathy

Reconnecting to nature in a virtual-reality laden world

We lead retreats and workshops designed to motivate you from the inside out, helping you to emerge and engage you on a path of success. Join us in our venture to emerge into the future with an education for life!