Uncovering Your Biography

6-month course in an anthroposophical understanding of your biography

A 6-month course discovering and uncovering your biography through Rudolf Steiner’s view of human development. Taking up the work of understanding one’s biography connects us to our destinies and the work we have to give to the world.

Biography work is essential in forming healthy relationships with others both in our personal lives and in our professional lives. It also helps us separate our own biography from our children’s, allowing them to be free in seeking their own destiny.

We will be working for 5 monthly sessions, focusing on different stages in our development, and will culminate in a 4-day retreat.

Through understanding both our memories of the past and our projections for the future, we will transform our present vantage point and empower our participation with our destiny.

This course will include 5 workshops in Orange County and ends with a 4-day weekend retreat in Malibu.

Workshops in Orange County:
Sundays from 11 am – 2pm

  • October 14
  • November 25
  • December 16
  • January 13
  • February 10

Malibu Beach Retreat:
Friday, March 22 – Monday, March 25

Price: $2500
(Includes retreat accommodations, all meals, supplies, and all workshops)

Creative financing and payment plans available.

Retreat Facilitator

Robin Theiss has been in Waldorf education for 20 years. She serves on the international Waldorf teacher training faculties in Guangzhou, China, Kassel, Germany, and Northern California.

She received her B.A. in Philosophy and Religious Studies from the University of California, Riverside. She was selected to be a student in residence at the Quaker community Pendle Hill, Pennsylvania, where she learned the principles of nonviolent communication skills and led biography retreats. She then continued as a scholarship recipient at Claremont Graduate School to study in the master of arts program in the School of Theology.

Robin has been using anthroposophical understanding of human development to help others understand their biographies and connect to their destinies.

Uncovering Your Biography

6 Month Course
$ 2500
  • Includes All Workshops
  • Retreat Accommodations
  • All meals and Supplies
Limited Time

Biography Workshop/Retreat 2019