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Gratitude Retreat 2019


EVE is not just an educational service business, it is a movement. We are partnering with like-minded individuals around the globe to change the paradigm of education by breaking down the walls of the classroom and taking the lessons to the world. Robin Theiss, founder of EVE, is a 20 year veteran Waldorf teacher and international speaker. She is passionate about working with youths and empowering their internal wisdom and strength. Through the EMERGING process, we support you in:

Choosing the Right Education

Getting Focused in a Distracting World

Reconnecting to Nature in a Virtual-Reality Laden World

Finding Opportunities that Lead to Success

Providing Space for Gratitude and Empathy

We lead retreats and workshops designed to motivate you from the inside out, helping you to emerge and engage you on a path of success. Join us in our venture to emerge into the future with an education for life!


Robin Theiss

Robin Theiss is passionate about breaking down the walls of education and listening to the wisdom of our youth. She is the author of “Motivating Adolescents: Your Child’s Journey to Success.” After 20 years of teaching in the Waldorf schools, she founded Emerging Ventures in Education LLC, leading workshops and retreats for adolescents and adults. She travels the globe through Europe, Asia, and America giving educational lectures. When she is not traveling, she retreats to her small beach cottage in Huntington Beach, California.

Naqib Shifa

Naqib Shifa teaches humanities and sports at the Highland Hall Waldorf School. He was born and raised in Southern California and graduated from UCLA in Geography/Environmental Studies with a minor in Middle Eastern and North African Studies. Upon graduating, he worked professionally in the environmental industry, both in health sciences and consulting. However, his ongoing love of seeking knowledge and sharing that knowledge led him to go into teaching. He has been teaching at the High School level since 2013 in various fields including: Modern World History, Middle East History, Developing World, Global Economics, Constitutional Law, and an upperclassmen elective on Current Events where students study and discuss a wide variety of topics in the news today and then derive solutions for those topics that they share with the federal government. In his time outside of teaching, he loves to delve into Islamic studies and the related subjects of the religious sciences such as theology and spirituality. He also enjoys a myriad of sports and coaches Boys’ Flag Football and Boys’ Basketball and is Co-Athletic Director.’


Retreats for Adolescents / Young Adults with Robin Theiss and Naqib Shifa

2019 Retreats
“Gratitude” — Idyllwild, Ca. November 23–26, 2019
“Connecting With Your Destiny” — Ojai, Ca. August 31–September 1, 2019
Upcoming Retreats
Nepal — Clean Water Project- Coming Soon!

Retreats for Adults with Robin Theiss

“Uncovering Your Biography” — Sold Out

Workshops for College Application Success with Robin Theiss and Areum Kim

2019 Workshops
“Finding Your Passion — Choosing Extra-curricular Activities to Build your College Profile” — October 12, 2019
“Building Your College Profile” — October 5, 2019
“Finding Your Authentic Voice — Writing a College Essay to Distinguish You From the Others” — September 28, 2019




“Robin is one of those rare individuals that can support growth and development on a number of different levels: adolescence and adults; physical, emotional and spiritual; and remedial support and growth work. I learn something every time I talk to Robin! I highly recommend Robin as a key advisor/mentor!”

“Robin is one of those rare individuals that can support growth and development on a number of different levels..."



“This past year, I was lucky enough to be a part of Robin Theiss’ biography workshop. Having never studied any of Steiner’s work, I was worried that the content and ideas presented throughout the workshops would be too abstract for me to grasp. However, through Robin’s incredible teaching abilities I was able to understand the concepts of anthroposophy in a very detailed and comprehensive way. 

The workshops, ending in a three-day retreat in Malibu, were perfectly thought out and executed. With Robin’s leadership, the whole group developed a bond that was built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect. The nature of biography work is extremely personal. Robin’s genuine care, openness, and warmth immediately makes one feel completely comfortable. This biography workshop was a beautiful and completely enlightening experience that only was it was because of Robin Theiss.”

"This past year, I was lucky enough to be a part of Robin Theiss' biography workshop. Having never studied any of Steiner's..."



“Words can not express the value Robin Theiss has brought to our child’s educational journey. The confidence to homeschool our son would not be possible without Robin’s guidance and talents. As parents, we wanted to customize our son’s education with a curriculum that is more inline with our own family’s beliefs. Robin is using our chosen curriculum as well as enriching it with her expertise as a distinguished Waldorf Educator. There are many different ways to measure a child’s success. Our son is happy and excited to have his lessons with Robin, homework included. He has improved his State Testing results in EVERY category to exceeding and FAR above grade level- almost 6 months ahead of the next grade! This learning efficiency has given us the luxury of more free time to pursue my son’s ever growing interest in sports. Most recently, he has been chosen to be an All Star player on our local Little League Baseball Team. He has learned to surf this year. He also finally had time to play flag football this Spring, the list goes on and on. This year has been a gigantic confidence booster for my son, and if you ask him, his best year ever! What more could a parent want for their child? 

None of this would be possible without having someone I trust with my son’s education. That someone is Robin Theiss.”

Words can not express the value Robin Theiss has brought to our child's educational journey. The confidence to..."



“There isn’t a review I could write that could truly justify how life-altering Robin Theiss’ courses and workshops are. I was lucky enough to be her student through four years of high school. Though I graduated two years ago, Robin has continued to mentor, advise, and guide me through my academic, my spiritual, and my personal life. This year I was reminded again how powerful her workshops are after I participated in the ‘Uncovering your biography’ workshop. Every single workshop I have taken under Robin’s guidance has been thought-provoking, reflective, and deeply impactful. One of the most beautiful things to witness throughout these workshops is the way people from all different backgrounds and ages come together in a very sacred and unexpected way to form a bond. Robin will always choose to see you in your best light, will challenge you to grow into your most authentic self, and she is truly such a patient and loving guiding light to so many people. Her workshops are filled with time to reflect or write alone, one-on-one sessions, and group activities, sharing, and exercises. Having taken so many courses with Robin, I have seen countless times the way these courses inspire vulnerability, softness, power, healing, and anthroposophical learning in all of her participants, and the way these experiences are reflected back into the world by each individual. I could not recommend participating in one of her workshops more.”

There isn’t a review I could write that could truly justify how life-altering Robin Theiss’ courses and workshops are. I was lucky..."